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Positively influencing

every touch point an energy retailer has with its customers




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Data Processing

Consumer View

Home Energy Management

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Customer Engagement

Revenue Generation

Multi-Channel Deployment

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ONZO’s DUC service is a proactive personalised event, triggered if a
household’s weekly energy consumption is unusually high, compared to previous weeks consumption. ONZO can detect the 'out of pattern' usage and creates an event that can be delivered as a customer alert, via any existing communication channel.
This helps the customer manage their consumption and impact on future bills, reducing inbound calls and debt.

Detection of unusual consumption (DUC)

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Bill Shock

ONZO Bill Shock is a personalised event that is generated in the final
week of a household’s billing period and estimates the customer’s
upcoming bill amount if Unusual Consumption has been detected during the period. This helps customers to understand how their bill or direct debit may be
affected and is a proven engagement tool to reduce the “shock” associated with receiving a higher bill.

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Breakdown & Comparisons

ONZO’s Engagement API include many features, including
Energy Summary, Energy Breakdown & Comparisons.

Energy Retailers choose how they integrate with ONZO's engagement API and how they visualise the
energy breakdown feature within their own apps and other channels,
such as voice assistance and call centres. ONZO's experience ensures
we can support the Energy retailer to achieve a best in class solution. 

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Home Energy Dashboard

ONZO’s Home Energy Dashboard provides an additional customer-facing channel for the energy retailer with very light integration.


This is a personalised white-labelled dashboard, emailed to customers to enable them to access ONZO’s insights. The Home Energy Dashboard is fully branded in compliance with the energy retailers own brand guidelines and can be deployed at significant scale.   

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Revenue Generation

ONZO has seen significant success in increasing energy retailers’ revenue generated from the marketing of its products and services.

ONZO identifies key attributes about the energy retailer’s customers. Based on the insight derived from each individual households energy consumption patterns, we are able to create relevant personalisation and accurately target customers with products and services that are
relevant for that household.

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Given ONZO’s unique experience and understanding of data generated
from a household’s consumption, we also work with the energy retailer
to build specific insight for a product or service which is either already in
the market or still in development, in order to give the energy retailer
greater understanding of the commercial possibilities.

ONZO is also able to undertake a wide range of bespoke briefs from
Energy Retailers to help them meet market challenges. 



ONZO supports Energy Retailers in resolving the key challenges they face in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

The analytics, insight and associated services ONZO produce, using raw Smart Meter consumption data, enables Energy Retailers to provide engaging solutions to their residential customers. 


Energy Retailers benefit from efficiencies and savings in key commercial areas, including reducing customer churn, calls into call centres and customer debt whilst at the same time increasing customers digital adoption, satisfaction scores and maximising revenue generation across their product range.

We are a chosen partner for top 10 Global Energy Retailers. Regarded as a proven and critical element in delivering their future strategy, as they transform from suppliers of gas and electricity to full energy service businesses, where demand for energy becomes increasingly more diverse, as customers produce their own generation and demand fully digitalised communication channels and services.  

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