ONZO’s solutions enable utilities to engage their customers in understanding and managing their energy use, and deliver unprecedented levels of actionable insight into customer consumption. These insights can be used to deliver outcomes including energy efficiency, customer engagement, improved targeting of sales and marketing, reduced cost to serve, increased trust and satisfaction. Clients can license the apps onto their own systems or use ONZO’s platform to deliver a service.


Load Disaggregator

Identifies appliance level consumption from granular energy use data, without the need for appliance or plug level metering.

Enables highly personalised and actionable energy efficiency information and advice.


Highly Personalised Energy Advice

Creates personalised information which utilities can share with customers to inform and educate them about their energy use and how to reduce consumption.

Supports utilities achieving energy efficiency and demand response objectives.

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Customer Consumption Insights

Segments and tags customers based on the amount, time, and variability of their energy usage.

Enables better targeting of propositions, site visits, and outbound contacts; informs behavioural segmentation.

Churn Predictor (no text)

Churn Predictor

Identifies customers with a higher propensity to churn.

Enables more effective targeting of marketing to retain customers.