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An Overview of our Product

ONZO provides a SaaS medium through which utilities can engage their customers, with capability to select and target message content to individuals, while providing useful information to the home owner about their energy use. Customers receive information that educates and informs them about their existing use and notifies them of changes to provide: Control, Comfort & Convenience.

Through analysis of the energy used within the home, ONZO products identify the patterns, trends and appliance usage that describes the behaviours and lifestyle of the residents, which can be used to inform the selection of marketing and other relevant content.

Key Benefits to the Utility

Improve customer relationships & trust by delivering personalised content that explains and describes monthly expenditure, removing obscurity around bills.

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Increase communication uptake and relevance through targeted messaging for campaigns and services.

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Reduce cost to serve by providing self-service capability to customers to avoid bill shock and resulting in-bound calls.

ONZO’s solutions address the key challenges of
Digital Transformation