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Joel Hagan presents at Cleantech Investor event “Smart Cities & the Internet of Things”

Joel Hagan, ONZO’s CEO, presented at the Cleantech Investor event “Smart Cities & the Internet of Things” sponsored by Navitas Capital. He set out his vision for a transformation in the relationship between a utility and its customers, provided a framework for assessing data analytics business opportunities, and described ONZO’s outstanding commercial progress.

The slides from 16th July 2014 are available here.

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ONZO collaborating with ElectraLink to deliver new energy customer insight services

London – 30th June 2014

ONZO, the world leader in energy data analytics, has announced it is collaborating with ElectraLink to develop new insight services designed to help utilities engage with their customers more effectively.

ElectraLink, the data transfer service provider for the British electricity market, already mines its central industry data to provide analytics and insight to energy companies. This new collaboration will use ONZO’s advanced analytics software and services to find additional insights in the data.

The first offering coming from this collaboration is now available to energy suppliers, focusing on identifying which customers who have changed supplier recently are most likely to experience dissatisfaction and would benefit from proactive support from their energy provider.

ONZO’s CIO Will Siddall said, “The combination of ElectraLink’s whole market view and ONZO’s customer analytics capabilities gives us the opportunity to deliver exciting new capabilities to utilities. The first service we have launched, looking at new customer satisfaction and churn propensity, provides unique insights for energy suppliers, which in turn should enable them to engage more closely with their customers, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction”.

“It is great that the first offering from our collaboration with ONZO is a service that should help suppliers provide better service to their customers, ” said Gavin Jones, Business Development Director at ElectraLink, “The combination of ONZO’s advanced analytic skills and ElectraLink’s use of industry market data will enable us to launch further offers over the coming months, so as to provide the industry with the information and insight to further improve their operations and provide better service to their customers. With all the change underway in the industry, there has never been a better time for such a collaboration between ONZO and ElectraLink”.

Further details of this first offer can be found at: http://www.electralink.co.uk/services/data-services.

About ONZO

ONZO is a global leader in big data and analytics for utilities. ONZO delivers valuable insight from the analysis of energy use and other data, transforming customer relationships, improving energy efficiency, shifting peak demand, offering new energy services and reducing operational costs.

ONZO’s unique approach combines utility sector experience with an advanced capability in data analytics to create smart solutions for consumer and supplier. ONZO provide their software and services to utilities, smart home providers, and marketing companies in both Europe and North America.

For more information please visit www.onzo.com

About ElectraLink
Thought leaders, innovators, and with a proven track record as facilitators in making things happen, ElectraLink provides utility industry data and analysis services based on the market data passing across its network, as well as network and governance services. ElectraLink was created in 1998 to provide an independent, secure and low cost service to transfer data between the players operating in the deregulated UK electricity industry. The company operates a state-of-the-art data transfer service which underpins customer switching, meter interoperability and other business processes critical to a competitive energy market. ElectraLink has subsequently diversified successfully into providing gas data transfer and services to support the codes governing the operation of the gas and electricity markets, and most recently into the provision of data analysis and reporting services to the industry.

For more information please visit www.electralink.co.uk

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“Onzo analytics helps utility customers save energy” – front page feature on Smart Grid Today

“We are expecting utilities to upgrade everything simultaneously: local generation, distributed generation, two-way communications, social media. I think we are in for a rough ride and an awful lot will have to change to deal with these big challenges all at once.” – Onzo Founder and CEO Joel Hagan in an exclusive interview

He believes dramatic outage events may be ahead and believes they would “focus people on monitoring and reducing energy usage. We don’t want it,” but it might “get everybody on the same page.”

Joel Hagan, ONZO’s CEO, talks about how ONZO will help utilities address these challenges, in a wide-ranging interview with Smart Grid Today.

The full article is here.

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