• 1 in 5 experience 'bill shock' every year. Onzo knows who and why.
  • Customers shaved 13% off the peak. Onzo helped them do it.
  • Customer churn halved and 'likes' doubled. Onzo made it happen.
  • Customers reduced their energy use by 8%. That's Onzo in action.

ONZO is a data analytics company. We are dedicated to maximising the value from smart meter and utility customer data. We work with utilities and smart home companies in the UK, Western Europe, US, and Asia Pacific. We extract predictive, actionable and valuable insight about customers from complex data at scale.

Utility Customer Insight Platform

ONZO’s solutions enable utilities to engage their customers in understanding and managing their energy use, and deliver unprecedented levels of actionable insight into customer consumption.

These insights can be used to deliver outcomes including energy efficiency, customer engagement, improved targeting of sales and marketing, reduced cost to serve, increased trust and satisfaction.

Clients can license the apps onto their own systems or use ONZO’s platform to deliver a service.


Customer Consumption Insights


Load Disaggregator


Highly Personalised Energy Advice

Churn Predictor (no text)

Churn Predictor

Custom model development Where your needs extend beyond our pre-built apps, we can rapidly customize an app to fit your specific application or build an analytical model from scratch that will deliver against your requirements.

Data Insight Consulting We can help you address a range of challenges and opportunities relating to big data, identifying valuable patterns and correlations, and prioritising actionable insight.